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Green tear

What we do is more than a job, it’s a passion. We share an appreciation for the forest and our natural resources, regardless of our role. It’s an experience – The Westervelt Experience.

The Westervelt Experience combines our legacy of stewardship and sustainability with our values. Together, this defines who we are.

Through our core values of safety, quality and community, we structure our workplace and our roles to provide each of these. Our values of excellence, learning and accountability, signal our commitment to our workforce for continuing opportunities.

We have always embraced the spirit of innovation, dating back to the very beginnings of our company. We have sought to find new ways of achieving excellence, and with emerging technologies that is truer today than ever before.

At The Westervelt Company, we offer the opportunity to work in diverse fields in an ever changing landscape. From forestry professionals to computer programmers, or from wildlife biologists to accountants, the Westervelt team is an exciting place to be.

Whether you are an intern just beginning your career, or a seasoned professional, explore the Westervelt Experience.